Our Songs

Here are the stories behind all the songs on CD...... 

1.) He Don't Know-
A tribute to those stolen moments we've all had.  Truly just a song about having a secret.

2.) Hey Rollo-
We were finished with writing the record, 2 days before we're going in to record chris comes to me with a guitar riff and a title...we said let's leave it for the next record.  Recently we had been working on another project and there was this guy on the project who was a total jive-ass...we secretly started calling him Rollo (Sanford & son).  I couldn't get the idea outta my head, showed up to record our record and said to Chris "Give me 5 minutes and Rollo will be finished".  We added to the session and it gave us the title for the record...funny how things happen.

3.) If I Was Your Whiskey-
It's never a bad idea to write about liquor! Sometimes you fall for someone way harder than they do, and you can't understand why.  We've all been there.

4.) The One That Got Away-
Every grown person has someone in their memory that they feel could've been "the one".  This song is about first impressions and being totally smitten with that someone.

5.) Lorraine-
I'm just sayin that if you watch "Back to the future" while you're falling asleep, sleep three hrs, take three flights, blow through all your in flight drink coupons, land in Hawaii, get lost trying to find your room while loaded down like a sherpa...when you finally make it to your room, you write this song.  Works every time!!

6.) Sweet Soul Song-
Chris started playing this guitar riff and I started singing this field holler kinda thing, and this one just happened.  This is really about just how powerful a melody can be, how a certain song can change your whole day.

7.) Shack Shakin'-
This is absolutely true! I was at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Celebrity Golf Charity event, playing in one of the bands. I spoke to this girl who totally gave me the 'head to toe' once over followed by the most dismissing eye roll ever. Later that evening after she saw me playing onstage, she came back around all friendly-like, wanting to hang out with the band. I got to return the eye roll, and got this song!

8.) It's Been A Long Time-
This really is exactly what it seems.  The longer a relationship lasts, the more complacent we get.  This is just about realizing you've got to try a little harder and go the extra mile sometimes.

9.) Ten Hole Soul-
We were talking about how back in the day groups used to do instrumentals, so we worked this one up.  The title refers to the ten holes in a harmonica.

10.) Tongue Tied-
This is the song that started this whole project.  Chris had this groove and I had this start of a lyric in a notebook they seemed to work together so it got this train rollin'.

11.) Trouble Rolls Downhill-
Of all the things in life I've come to know, trouble rolls downhill is one of the most constant.  This is about how that applies to a relationship too. All the bad stuff is gonna come down on you at sometime, and you can't control it, you just try to weather the weather.

So those are the odd little tales about songwriting here at Camp Turquoise Willie.