OK, we suck at writing about what’s going on, but there is plenty happening. The record, CD, music, whatever way you say it, it’s available and we hope you might buy a track to two, or maybe the whole thing.

We love hearing from people and which tracks you like. Sweet Soul Song, track 6 by the way, is such a fav of people when they just wanna cool-out and go deep soul. It’s one of those you slowly just bob back and forth and go deep inside yourself digging life.

Well come on in and give it a try, won’t you?? The music player is here at the site, and you can jump right in and buy it from there.


#1 blog and other lies

We are gonna try our best to keep things current here at the website, as we have high hopes you will be stopping by often. We also hope we will have lot’s of great stuff to bring you on a regular basis. Until then, have fun cause making a website kinda sucks when you are first getting it going…. later